Partnering with Supplier Diversity Professionals to Leverage Success

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Headed to a Supplier Diversity conference:  

Here's a Power Point on how to Maximize Your Investment in Trade Shows  

Compliments of the Great Lakes Women's Business Council / Corporate Development Committee  

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  • Need-to-Know" LinkedIn Tips For Corporate Supplier Diversity Professionals
    Reprinted from ATR International | Original URL

Guests at the November 2015 Membership Meeting held at N.S. International

  • DiversePoint Inc.
Bert D. Carrington | CEO

530 Piedmont Ave, NE | Suite 914 | Atlanta, GA 30308
404-465-3964 dir | 
704-293-0844 mobile

DiverseLink Corporate is a private network that lets corporate supplier diversity professionals connect, collaborate and benchmark best practices in an exciting new way! By supplier diversity professionals connecting, learning and growing with each other, the tide lifts for all to make a significant difference in the full panorama of the diverse business community, job creation and the overall economy!  DiverseLink Corporate provides supplier diversity professionals 

  • Diversity Reporting
 Jaymie White  313-473-7678  
Diversity Reporting Solutions (DRS) offers a web based solution that focuses on providing Prime suppliers with a premium system for customer spend data management. Our spend management system provides suppliers with a streamlined process for internal information gathering, data enrichment, supplier management & registration. 
  • IVS Solutions
 Brian Smith | President (240) 487-0295 ext. 201

IVS Solutions is a supplier diversity data management company that provides customized information technology solutions to manage and enrich supplier diversity data for corporations.  Formed in December of 2011 to address industry needs of service and integrity that were not being met in the marketplace,  our mission is to provide outstanding personalized service, including accurate data and timely response, with reasonable costs.

 Additional Reporting Resources
  • AppliedINFO Partners

Betty Lau | Owner


The Software to Manage, Measure and Market Your Supplier Diversity Program is known as DivTRAK.  It is owned by AppliedINFO Partners.  DivTRAK® is the pioneering software solution from Appliedinfo Partners that enables organizations to truly manage and promote the use of diverse suppliers. It powers the supplier diversity programs of some of the most recognized names among the Fortune 500

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